17 July 2021

Personal Declaration of belief and conviction

 17th July 2021

In light of the publication of Traditionis Custodes (16th July 2021) I, Michael Velosa, a Catholic layman make the following personal declaration of belief and conviction:

What earlier generations of the Catholic Faithful held as sacred remains sacred and great for us too. It cannot become evil, sinful, bad or forbidden.

* The Traditional Latin Mass/Tridentine Mass/Mass of the Ages IS THE ROMAN RITE. It is utterly illogical that a rite, fabricated in 1969 and thus only approx. 50 years old, can be the Traditional Rite of the Roman Church.

* No Pope has the authority whatsoever to abolish, restrict, abrogate or diminish that which has been an integral part of the Church's Liturgical life and Spirituality for 2000 years.

* That which nourished the Church's greatest Saints cannot fail to do any less for us.

* The Novus Ordo, being a non-organic, fabricated rite does not express the Catholic Faith in the doctrine of the Mass in a clear, unequivocal and unambiguous manner (e.g. Jewish Table blessings as an offertory etc) and thus suffers, to a certain extent, a deficiency. It is, essentially, a protestantised, Modernist Liturgy.

* Any authority that seeks to impose an unjust law is to be thoroughly resisted. It is, therefore, lawful and, indeed, a moral duty, to impede, as far as is in our ability, such a law or ruling.

* Any attempt to restrict the Traditional Latin Mass constitutes an abuse of power and authority and therefore must be resisted and impeded. It is our moral duty to do so.

* I will resist, and will support those who resist, the implementation of Traditionis Custodes in any manner possible.

* I will only attend the Novus Ordo when charity absolutely necessitates my presence (e.g. relative's or friend's funeral etc). Such attendance does not constitute any approval, implicit or explicit, of the Novus Ordo whatsoever. I will not participate in any part of the rite whilst in attendance. Instead I will pray private devotions (e.g. the Holy Rosary) for the duration of said rite.

* I will exclusively attend the Tridentine Mass or any other valid CATHOLIC rite to adore the Most Holy Trinity as is His just due adoration. I will show my full support for such Catholic rites by participating in them and promoting them as far as possible. I will also encourage others to do the same as far as I am able.

* I will not support the Novus Ordo, nor any other forms of Modernism together with any other erroneous teachings in any manner whatsoever.

* I will work, as far as I am able, to further and to promote the Traditional Latin Mass together with the Catholic teachings that were taught, believed and held until Vatican II.

* I will work, as far as I am able, to impede, stall and resist the Novus Ordo together with any Modernist teachings. Furthermore, I will aid, assist and encourage this resistance in others.

* I will only obey commands that are in accordance with the constant teachings of the Catholic Church. Anything that constitutes a rupture, contradiction or denial of perennial Catholic teaching I will resist and I will encourage, assist and teach others to do the same.

* I will pray daily for the restoration of the Catholic Church.

* I will pray daily for the pastors of the Catholic Church.

* I will obey my superiors within the Catholic Church only when what they teach or command is in full accordance with the perennial teachings, dogmas, doctrines and traditions of the Catholic Church.

* I will pray daily for the Consecration of Russia and the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Written to the Glory of the Most Holy Trinity and the Immaculate Virgin Mary, Queen of Carmel. Amen

Michael Velosa


  1. I could not have formulated a better declaration and I wholeheartedly subscribe to it and will spread it abroad. Thank you for your words.